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Did you know your body is full of Transfer Factors ?

Transfer factors are smart cells that keep your immune system working properly. Without a proper functioning immune system, you would die.

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Immune system and Autoimmune diseases

When your body is invaded by bacteria, parasites, funghi and viruses including bird flu and the dreaded swine flu virus, a multitude of immune system cells go to work to keep you healthy. At least they're supposed to. Without you even knowing, various molecules and body chemicals start to defeat the invader or kill mutated cells that may become cancer. This is a healthy immune system.

As the battle is being won, this army of immune system components knows to quieten down and decrease activity. If they didn't you would develop autoimmune diseases such as lupus, MS, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis or one of about a hundred other autoimmune conditions.

Memory molecules

Transfer factors also store information about the activities of your immune system. For example when you had chicken pox as a child, you didn’t get it again. Why? Numerous times throughout your life your body will encounter chicken pox germs  but you will not develop chicken pox again because you have become immune. Your immune system remembers the characteristics of the germ and how to defeat it.

This information is stored in a number of immune system components such as antibodies and transfer factors. Transfer factors are more sophisticated and have a broader range of influence over antibodies.

Increase in Antibodies

Results from a recent 4 week study showed a dramatic increase in the production of antibodies. IgA antibodies are important proteins produced by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign invaders. IgA antibodies reside on the surface of mucous membranes ( mouth, nose, throat, lungs, ears, urinary and genital tracts) to protect against pathogens entering the body. Up to 95% of all pathogens enter the body through these areas. The antibodies bind to invaders and prevent them passing through the membranes into the tissues and blood stream.

Healthy adults who had never consumed Transfer factors were given Transfer Factor Tri-Factor formula for the first two weeks followed by Transfer Factor RioVida juice for two more weeks. After 4 weeks, 100% of participants showed an increase in the production of IgA antibodies within their saliva and mucous membranes, with an average increase of 73% when compared to the one week baseline. Almost all participants showed an increase within just two weeks.

Immune system supplements

Immune system supplements verses Regular Nutrients:

Transfer factors work quite differently in the body than nutrients. Nutrients can nourish immune system components, act as a catalyst and turn on certain cell receptors but it is the transfer factors that regulate all of these immune system activities. Transfer factors work as smart cells and have feedback mechanisms that nutrients do not have. Transfer factors acts as an immune system supplements which actually enhance the efficiency of nutrients. It is the transfer factors that assist with hormonal and chemical balancing in the body. 

Recognition and Modulation

Transfer factors assist the immune system in recognizing threats thereby regulating its activities. They influence the activities of a great number of immune cells such as Natural Killer Cells, T-Killer Cells, macrophages, monocytes, interferon, and a number of interleukins.

Some of these cytokines, which are involved in inflammation, are regulated by transfer factors. When our transfer factors do not recognize an invader, we will become ill by contracting a cold, flu, infections, hepatitis, herpes, allergies, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or any other possible illness.

So what is the difference between a person that develops cancer and one that doesn’t? Or a person in a family that develops the flu but the spouse doesn’t? Why do some people develop heart disease while another whose lifestyle is almost exactly the same, doesn’t? The difference is in the immune system.

How to improve immune system

Today's environment is ravaging our immune systems so it is very important to know how to improve immune system. Due to stress, lack of sleep, pollution, pesticides, poor diet, genetic factors, mutating germs and chemicals, our bodies' natural  transfer factors have become confused and niave.  We have never before been so exposed to toxins, growth hormones, additives preservatives, trans-fats, pollutants and electrical fields as we are today.

We live in a fast paced, stress filled environment where our bodies are constantly pumping cortisol, which further suppresses our immune systems. Also, modern travel has enabled germs to be transported easily around the world, overwhelming our bodies with new species of invaders that we are not familiar with. Viruses like swine flu are transmitted within hours. Although we are living longer, we are a sicker society. How many children today need puffers at school compared to say 25 years ago?

The History of Transfer Factors

It has become obvious that our immune system requires assistance to deal with these new threats. This is where 4Life Research’s Transfer Factor™ comes into play. In 1949 Dr. Sherwood Lawrence made the amazing discovery that when you transfer blood to another person, some of the donor’s immunity is also transferred to the recipient.

From this initial discovery over 3,500 studies have been conducted and 40 million dollars (USA) invested in research.

In 1986 scientists discovered that lactating sows passed on their transfer factors to their offspring's immune system through the placenta and colostrum enabling it to survive in its new hostile environment of pathogens. Further studies found that cows did the same thing. It was often observed that calves whose mothers died giving birth, would not survive unless they were provided with colostrum from a surrogate mother.

The molecular structure of transfer factors is the same in all species and can therefore be 'borrowed' from a robust more intelligent source and be transferred to a weaker immune system, thereby transferring the immune intelligence.

Transfer factor Australia wide

4Life Research brought a line of products of transfer factor Australia wide. Transfer factors from colostrum and eggs were found to be superior and more robust than  transfer factors from humans because animals live in a more exposed environment and are subject to many more species of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The Effect of 4Life Transfer Factors in Humans

Research studies have found that 4Life transfer factors were able to increase the effectiveness of the body’s Natural Killer Cells by 437%.  Another study showed reduced oxidation by 35-43% at the cellular level. No antioxidant known to man can do this and transfer factors are not even antioxidants. Transfer factors achieve this through their regulatory functions.

The study showed an increase in the availability of the body’s antioxidants; glutathione, catalase and ascorbic acid. What was astounding was that the increase was from within the cell. This is at the DNA level. Free radical damage at the DNA level is where pre-mature aging comes from. Consumed antioxidants have to be digested, absorbed through the small intestine, travel through blood and penetrate cell membranes often being use up along the way. The same study showed an increase in the body’s own detoxification agent, glutathione-S-transferase by 150%. This is amazing.

Transfer Factor™ is far superior to any known nutrient. It is in a completely different category of science. No other nutrient in the world can do what Transfer Factor™ does. All nutrient products do very similar things within a person’s body. For example, mangosteen can inhibit COX-2 but so can ginger root, turmeric, boswella etc. Nothing compares in being able to regulate our health and the immune system like Transfer Factor™. It stands alone.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

From a competitive perspective, this is a gold mine of an opportunity. There are many different nutritional products in the market place. Morinda started selling noni and in a few years there were two hundred other companies doing the same thing at much less cost. New Vision even sells a noni drink that has eleven times as much of the key ingredient than the leading brand.

Xango’s mangosteen is the same example. Now there are dozens of companies selling mangosteen. USANA sells quality vitamins but so do hundreds of other companies. Agel sells vitamins in a gel form but once in the body you have common nutrients that you could easily get from your local health food store. There are many competitive delivery systems such as sprays, liquids, sublingual that is absorbed under the tongue and nano-nutrients that are the smallest of nutrients.

The market is crowded. However after nine years there is no other MLM company marketing transfer factors. Why? Because extracting and manufacturing transfer factors is expensive and very complicated. Plus 4Life Research has most of the patents involved in advanced transfer factor science.

Many established companies are now experiencing a crowded competitive market. Countries not previously exposed to MLM are targeted by these ‘me too’ products because there is less competition, at least in the short term. The challenge is that there will be a great deal of competition in time. Many good leaders invest  years of their lives developing an organization and residual income only to lose it later on.

As more companies enter a new market, distributors at the bottom of the matrix will leave, hoping to be first in other companies that have new claims of better delivery systems etc. 4Life Research will be in a great position because there will be much less competition as no nutritional products will be able to do what Transfer Factor™ can do.  

Transfer Factor™ has the capacity to help millions of people’s health throughout the world. It is fulfilling when you receive a commission payment knowing that it came from making a major difference in someone’s life.

The market for Transfer Factor™ is a potential gold mine. Since 1998 individuals have consumed this product with astounding results. No nutritional product has equaled this performance.

We are fortunate that David Lisonbee CEO of 4Life decided to involve the consumer
in marketing this product. Instead of going to wealthy conglomerates and making them richer, David went to people like you and me and allowed us to have a part in this lucrative venture.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Research & Marketing Consultants projected that 4Life will become a 4-5 billion-dollar company. We are only at possibly 200 million. The question is how much of that 4-5 billion do you want your loved ones to participate in. I wish you the best! - Mike Akins

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